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Gravity Video

What do you think of the Gravity video?

The poll was created at 18:50 on September 1, 2015, and so far 320 people voted.
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I love this, definitely my favorite video from DOTD, seeing the myspace masks just feels weird but in a good way. And I guess this video confirms Da Kurlzz sings the "Oh Gravity" part even though I still think it sounds like Danny. Anyway, if he does sing that part, this would mark the very first post swan songs song where every member plays a vocal part (not including background vocals and screams)

No Da Kurlzz in Gravity. He had no vocals so they put him between the chorus and the verses. But, yeah this video unleashed my inner HU fanboy.

And we finally see what Danny's first mask looked like without the mouth cut out. At least I think it is, it's shiny unlike the one photo I've seen of the mask but it also lacks the cross and I noticed the black splotches so I'm not sure if this was his Desperate Measures touring mask or his American Tragedy mask.

I have the feeling that it was made on spot.

Probably, I'm wondering why they didn't use the DOTD masks without the mouths cut out, most of the scenes where they where lip syncing didn't have the masks on, I wish they'd finally wear the full masks in at least one video.

This did bring out the inner fanboy from within

And good news, This is different from the Album version of Gravity. Theres some differences

and I liked how at the start with J-Dog, the 2 teenagers walking with skateboards possibly symboilize Him and Deuce

My favorite part was the CD selling. It brings me back...
I did think Danny looked a little bit out of place with everyone else having their Myspace masks.