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• 9/27/2015


Anyone who wishes to change the lyrics of any sort of song has to adress it beforehands. Be it just a word or a vocalist, this is how it will be done from now on. Typos do not need to be adressed as long as only typos are changed.

I came to this decision after seeing that one person would change a word, then a few weeks later another would change it back. This rule must be followed by every user, especially by admins. Since there isn't any wiki like this, I think this is the way it should be handled.

I've created a new board, if anyone has any propositions, post them there. You are going to be told whether it is accepted or not and I will be the one who will be closing the threads. That, of course, does not mean, that my opinion will be the sole deicding factor.

EDIT: I thought it was obvious but seems like it wasn't. You also have to provide some kind of evidence to back up your suggestions, otherwise they don't have much chance.

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• 9/28/2015
The unreleased one has Shady and the released one has Johnny. Please use the board next time.
• 9/30/2015
Blood007 wrote:
Please use the board next time.

• 9/30/2015

In El Urgencia I can hear Funny at the end saying 'What's up, babes, what's popping homie?' but it doesn't show 'homie' in the lyrics. Can this be changed?