Hi there people!

Deuce's second studio album, Invincible is expected to drop on October 31. Since it will be an online release, official cover arts weren't made for the songs. This gives us, fans a chance to make cover arts for Deuce.


  • You can only enter one image per song.
  • You have to provide evidence that you made the image. You can either send us a .psd file or a screenshot of you working on the image.
  • If you are caught using someone else's artwork, you are getting disqualified.
  • The image has to a be a square.
  • If you add your artwork to a song during the competition, you will get warned. If you do it again, you are getting disqualified.


  • Please upload the images in .png format. If you upload them in .jpg, it will get replaced by a .png. You are not getting disqualified but we use .png for artwork as it renders better as a thumbnail.
  • Parental Advisory sticker is not necessary. You can use it, but it will not give you an advantage or disadvantage.
  • We would like to avoid having one person's artworks for all the songs. So, don't be surprised if you don't win them all.


  • If your fan-made cover is already being used, please provide evidence and let us know. It will remain the placeholder for the song until the competition ends.
  • If this doesn't apply to you, don't worry, it's not a disadvantage.

More details will come.