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Da Kurlzz "Screaming"

I don't believe Kurlzz is the actual one Screaming on Undead/Among other songs. Shouting, yes. But Screaming? No. If we have all these screams as Kurlzz and have The exact same sounding scream on Pain ("Goodbye!") as Deuce, why isn't he the screamer for all those screams on Swan Songs? Not changing the vocalists until I get statements on this.

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Yeah, Da Kurlzz screaming is one of the biggest misconceptions in the whole HU fandom. He does scream in some songs but not as much as people think. Especially in Swan Songs, most if not all of the screaming were done by Deuce and J-Dog. Da Kurlzz did do the screaming in No, 5 (Grab your drinks and get on the floor) but apart from that, I don't recall many more songs where he does a prominant screaming role. But I'm not saying he never screamed or shouted, he does have vocals in a hand full of songs but he is usually in the background. Fact is, we have heard him so rarely that as soon as anyone hears vocals that sound weird or screaming, they automatically assume it's Da Kurlzz just because they don't actually know how he sounds like. 

The screaming on Undead is definitely Da Kurlzz if you listen to the background vocals.
I have.

Returning to this thread for Undead;

  • All screams/shouts that aren't in the intro and outro are done by Deuce screaming and Kurlz shouting, 

Source - Hidden vocals.