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• 2/17/2016

Bottle And A Gun Outro

So, we have the line "BITCH! What motherfucker?" As Kurlzz. It was in the booklet. But by this logic, J3T and Deuce would be the ones doing verse 3 on City. It sounds identical live and in studio as Charlie.

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• 2/17/2016

The thing is though, the old version of Bottle and a Gun has been released online, the one that was on that album with the booklet. The shouts both sound the same, on the unreleased and released version.

On the other hand, the old version of City has not been released online, and it's probably very likely that Deuce & Johnny did that verse on the old version. Official lyrics to Swan Songs have not been released, so that's why you can't find any official lyrics that have Charlie & J-Dog doing it.

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