Arina Chloe
General Information
Real Name Arina Erlichman
Stage Name Arina Chloe
Born August 19
Family Aron Erlichman (brother)
Rita Erlichman (mother)
Alexander Erlichman (father)
Joined 2010
Position clean vocals, backing vocals
Bands Nine Lives (2010-2017)

Arina Chloe is a vocalist, keyboardist, and member of her brother, Deuce's solo lineup. She is also a member of Nine Lives.


Arina has been in Nine Lives since its formation in 2010. Although she doesn't do vocals as often as Gadjet and Deuce, she occasionally does backing vocals. She is more predominantly a keyboardist, and plays the keyboard on several tracks and live performances.


Arina has one mask. Unlike the rest of Nine Lives, she almost always wears her mask during live performances, while the rest of them usually don't wear them live. Her mask is a black bandana, with a slightly unique design.

Featured in




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