General Information
Real Name Brian Lay
Stage Name b.LaY
Joined 2008
Left 2013
Position vocals
hype man
Bands Nine Lives (2008-2013)

b.LaY is a solo musician and former vocalist for Deuce's solo career lineup and Nine Lives.


b.LaY was the original secondary vocalist and hypeman of Deuce's solo career lineup and Nine Lives, before both The Truth and Gadjet. He eventually left Nine Lives to put more work into his mixtape and solo career.

Despite his departure, b.LaY is still on good terms with Deuce and Nine Lives. He was replaced by The Truth.


b.LaY had three masks during his time with Nine Lives. First was all black. Second was white on one side and black on the other. White side had some black shapes that looks like flowers. Third one was a hockey goalie mask that was dark grey on one side, and black on the other side. On the dark grey side, it featured the commonly used Nine Lives logo on his cheek.


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