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Da Kurlzz

Real Name

Matthew "Mattie/Matt" St. Claire

Stage Name

Da Kurlzz (sometimes just called Kurlzz)

Date of Birth

1st April, 1982 (age 32)


Hollywood Undead (2005-Present)

Da Kurlzz (real name Matthew St. Claire) is the drummer for Hollywood Undead. His real name is Matthew St. Claire, but he's usually called Matt or Mattie. He doesn't have very many lines in a lot of the band's songs, but does most screaming. Da Kurlzz's Twitter account was MattyKurlzzHU. Da Kurlzz has been in Hollywood Undead since they started in 2005.


  • The reason why Matty picked his stage name to be Da Kurlzz is because he has extremely curly and frizzy hair. Right now, his hair is much shorter than sometimes seen. As of late, specifically in American Tragedy, his hair has been especially curly, the most it has been. It was cut and let down a bit more in Notes from the Underground.
  • His birthday is on April Fools Day (1st of April).
  • He made a minor appearence in an episode in The Amanda Show in 2001 (episode 30).
  • As an inside joke between the band, Mattie is usually teased by the Hollywood Undead members and called gay, especially by Charlie. But they still like him.
  • He sang 'Chapter Four' with Avenged Sevenfold on their tour.
  • He's possibly the oldest member of the band.
  • When he was a teenager he was scene or "undead" as charlie says.
  • He was the 4th person to join HU.
  • He has a tattoo of his mask on his left arm.
  • On his right arm, is a tattoo that says "LP". He is possibly a fan of Linkin Park.

Songs he's featured inEdit

Normally he doesn't really sing, but he screams for background verses, but does have parts in some songs.

Swan SongsEdit

  • City
  • The Natives
  • No.5
  • Paradise Lost
  • Knife Called Lust
  • Pain

Desperate MeasuresEdit

  • Tear It Up

Notes From The UndergroundEdit

  • From The Ground
  • Delish (he can be heard screaming "Come on!")


  • Christmas in Hollywood
  • Scene for Dummies

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