Danny V
General Information
Real Name Daniel Rose Murillo
Stage Name Danny
Born November 21, 1982 (age 34)
Family Reese Murillo (wife)
Scarlett Murillo (daughter)
Margo Murillo (mother)
Rigo Murillo (brother)
Rueben Murillo (brother)
Joined 2009
Position clean vocals, backing vocals
keyboards (since 2011)
rhythm guitar (since 2013)
Song Count 50
Bands Hollywood Undead
Lorene Drive
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Danny is one of the five current members of Hollywood Undead.


Danny is one of the current vocalists for Hollywood Undead, replacing Deuce since early 2010. He began to tour with them prior to his official introduction to the band in mid-2008, filling in for Deuce while he was absent.

His favorite song from Day of the Dead is War Child, mostly because of the live performances.


Desperate Measures

Danny was touring with the band since mid-2008. On tours, he wore a gold mask with black paint splatter on it.

American Tragedy

When he joined the band, Danny's mask was metallic gold with a Latin cross on the left eye. The right side of the mouth also had a small, hardly noticeable grin.

Notes from the Underground

Danny's mask is similar to his old mask. It's still gold but less metallic. The Latin cross appears to be inverted and is made of bullet casings. The bullets are 6.5 Grendel. The darkening splatter has returned and it varies in color. The right side of the mouth still has the grin, but it's more noticeable now.

Day of the Dead

Danny's mask is now covered with a golden chainmail making it hard to distinguish its facial features. Underneath the chainmail, the mask is black with a cross painted with bright gold around its left eye. The molding seems to be less angular and more rounded compared to the previous mask, although the mouth is hard to see, it also retains some of its aesthetic features. The strap used to fasten it to Danny's head also seems to have a chainmail aesthetic. It also seems that the masks represent a burlap sack that was used to put on somebody's head before execution.


Like most members of the band, Danny has also replaced his mask with a chrome one. The mask has one color and retains his signature smirk. The cross is no longer a physical attachment to the mask but rather just a stylistic paint with patterns reminiscent of his first mask.

This is the first time that band members use multiple masks during the promotion of one album. Each member has three versions of their masks in three different main and secondary colors; black and gold, silver and blue, red and white. Danny has a golden mask with a black cross, a silver mask with a blue cross and a red mask with a white cross.

Featured in

American Tragedy

Notes from the Underground

Day of the Dead



  • He used to be the lead singer of a band called Lorene Drive, who went on hiatus shortly after Danny joined HU. The band announced in late 2012 that a new album was in progress and that he would be returning, but all information about their hiatus ending has been deleted since.
  • He has stated that his top three songs on American Tragedy are My Town, Hear Me Now, and, I Don't Wanna Die. However, he said it was hard to decide as he loves all of the songs.
  • He has a tattoo on his left arm that says American Tragedy.
  • He has a 'Theresa' tattoo on his left wrist.
  • He has a tattoo saying Scarlet on his left side of his head which is a name of his daughter.
  • He runs a clothing line called Danny Rose Supply.
  • He was on American Idol Season 9 but left to join the band.
  • He graduated Los Angeles Music Academy College of Music.
  • His Twitter account is "Danieldrive".
  • His Instagram account is "danny_rose_murillo".
  • His brother Rueben is the one you see in a clip getting knocked over in a chair during the blood in blood out tour which was previously thought to be Danny

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