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Real Name

Danny Murillo

Stage Name



November 21


30, could be 31

Danny (real name Daniel Rose Murillo) is the new clean vocals singer of Hollywood Undead, after Deuce got kicked out (Due to musical differences.) He joined between late 2009 and early 2010. Hollywood Undead has known Danny personally for years, but was never mentioned until his joining.


  • He has a wife named Theresa and a daughter named Scarlett.
  • His Twitter account is Danieldrive.
  • He used to be the lead singer of a band called Lorene Drive. It is still active, but on a large hiatus before getting Danny back to sing.
  • His top three songs on American Tragedy are 'My Town', 'Hear Me Now', and, 'I Don't Wanna Die'. However he said it was hard to decide as he loves all of the songs.
  • Danny is the newest official member of Hollywood Undead, although he has known the rest of the band for a while, going so far as to tour with them before becoming a member.
  • He runs his own clothing line were you can buy glasses to sweat shirts.
  • He has a nose piercing. 
  • He was on American Idol Season 9, then left to join Hollywood Undead.
  • He graduated Los Angeles Music Academy College of Music.

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