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Funny Man
Funny Man NFTU
General Information
Real Name Dylan Alvarez
Stage Name Funny Man
King Kong
Born April 11, 1986 (age 28)
Family Unnamed sister
Unnamed nephew
Joined 2005
Position vocals, backing vocals
Song Count 30
Bands Hollywood Undead

Funny Man is one of the six current members of Hollywood Undead.


Funny Man is a big live favorite of the band due to his lively performances and crowd hyping. He has been known to jump into the crowd, often be shirtless and sometimes not wear pants. Although he isn't as frequently featured on records as CharlieJ-Dog or Johnny his songs are about partying, drinking, having a good time, and women. He very rarely appears on serious tracks. 


Funny Man joined the band soon after it was created by J-Dog and Deuce and provided backing and the ocasional verse on many of their early songs. In the early life of the band he wore a black cloth mask that covered his whole face. Before joining, he was the "groupie" of Johnny's previous band, 3 Tears, being given the title through turning up to all of their concerts.

Swan SongsEdit

During Swan Songs, Funny Man was regularly featured in songs providing backing vocals. He is featured on nine songs doing rapping and most other songs providing backing.

American TragedyEdit

In this album Funny Man raps on more songs than on the previous album, being featured on six songs.

Notes from the UndergroundEdit

In Notes from the Underground, Funny Man is featured on five songs.


During Swan Songs and Desperate Measures, Funny Man's was a black hockey-style, with the initials "FM" on one side and yellow spots on the other.

The mask was updated for American Tragedy; being made of black cloth and with a badge saying "Undead" and an image of a screaming skull.

His mask was once again updated for Notes from the Underground this time being based on a Mexican luchador in black and silver. with the initials "FM" on his forehead in silver and the three spots in silver on his right cheek.

Featured inEdit

Swan SongsEdit

Desperate MeasuresEdit

American TragedyEdit

Notes from the UndergroundEdit

Day of the DeadEdit

Other SongsEdit


  • Dylan Alvarez
    He is a well known womanizer.
  • Funny Man the only member who doesn't play a instrument on live shows.
  • Funny Man wears his American Tragedy mask during the Notes from the Underground tours.
  • He is of both Mexican and Canadian heritage.
  • Before his face was revealed it was suspected that he was black because of the deepness of his voice.
  • He has spent time in jail; it is suspected that he was charged with possession of marijuana.
  • The name "Funny Man' originates from his childhood. Charlie's brother, Jake, gave him the nickname out of irony; according to Charlie, "he was so unfunny, it was funny".
  • He has a tattoo of his nickname, "King Kong".
  • He has a white dog, a bull terrier called "Mr.Bones".
  • Despite being a womanizer, he mentioned in an interview (in 2013) that he was depressed about breaking up with his girlfriend of five years. 
  • He is the youngest member of the band.
  • He is sometimes seen playing with their touring drummer, except he only uses one stick, and usually plays with the cymbals.
  • His Instagram and Twitter accounts both share the same name, "dillyduzit".
  • He played basketball with Charlie during his school years.
  • He has been known to smoke a lot of weed.

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