General Information
Real Name Anthony Raymond Leonard Jr.
Stage Name Gadjet
Born October 20
Joined 2014
Position vocals,
composer, hype man
Bands Kinda Major
Nine Lives (2014-)

Gadjet is a vocalist for Deuce's solo career lineup and Nine Lives.


He replaced The Truth as the band's secondary vocalist and hype man in 2014 after The Truth was arrested and retired from making music. During live performances, Gadjet wears a black bandanna.

Featured in

The Call Me Big Deuce EP

Nine Lives




  • In the song Walk the Walk, Gadjet mentions Charlie Scene by name, although his name is back-masked when said for unknown reasons.
  • He can speak fluent Spanish.
  • Gadjet has said on his stream he can speak enough Russian to be considered fluent.
  • He also said he want to learn german.
  • He streams on twitch on a regular basis at GadjetGotGame, typically playing Clash Royale and Plants vs. Zombies Heroes.
  • Gadjet also has a separate account by the name of Nintendotony where he plays Yoshi's Wolly World on occasion
  • When asked he said he was ambidextrous.
  • He has a cat named Screech who he named because "He was always screaming ever since he was a baby."
  • Gadjet says he's a little bit taller than Deuce. Which puts him at 6'1 or 6'2
  • Gadjet said he plays Pokémon Go and said he was gonna choose Team Instinct, but somebody picked Mystic for him
  • He claims to own a stuffed lion plushie he found at a thrift store of sorts
  • Gadjet has said he actually holds nothing against Hollywood Undead as Deuce merely asked him to join in Walk The Walk and gave him a brief sum up from his point of view.
  • Has a stepdaughter named Sabrina Newton
  • His Instagram's are GadjetMusic and GadjetGotGame
  • His twitter is GadjetMusic and GadjetGotGame
  • His Facebook page is GadjetSpitz

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