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Johnny 3 Tears

Real Name

George Ragan

Stage Name

Johnny 3 Tears


June 9, 1985 (age 27)

Johnny 3 Tears (George Ragan) sometimes known as "J3T" provides rapping for the band. He was originally known as "Tha Server" although changed his name to Johnny 3 Tears; Johnny being a name he likes, and 3 Tears being the band he was in prior to being in Hollywood Undead Some call him the main rapper, of course there are songs he isnt in. His verses are about murder, suicide, love and life, but are also about drinking and partying. One of his main songs is Paradise lost.,


Johnny's mask has been sky-blue with the number 3 on the left side and a butterfly on the right. In 2006 however, he had a yellowish mask with a red cross over the mouth. His mask design comes from: "3" being his name Johnny 3 Tears and it's also the name of the band he was in before Hollywood Undead, it was called 3 Tears. The butterfly is there because he has them tattooed all over his body and is also a reference to the book "Paradise Lost." On "American Tragedy" the three moved to the entire left side of the mask (as apposed to Swan Songs where it was under his left eye) and it also lit up. On "Notes From The Underground" his mask design became more detailed. The mask is a mosaic-like design with cracks all over the mask, the "3" still lights up, and the butterfly lights up yellow. 


  • One of Deuce's songs is called Story of a Snitch. Johnny is possibly the snitch,where as others say that J-Dog is.
  • He went to jail in 2008-2009, either for DUI or fighting a paparazzi. He had to get out for a tour in Europe in February 2009.
  • According to Deuce in one of his songs "When We Ride," he says that "Johnny's getting overweight he's too fat to be calling names," so Johnny is possibly overweight (or at least in Deuce's eyes).
  • His favorite song to record off American Tragedy was S.C.A.V.A.
  • He has a daughter named Ava and a girlfriend called Asia. Ava was originally suspected to be the child who sings at the end of the song "Bullet", but it was later revealed to have been a friend of producer Griffin Boice instead.
  • Johnny also featured in a song by Kisses for Kings, called The Only Ones.

Songs he's featured on

Swan Songs

  • Undead
  • Sell Your Soul
  • No. 5
  • Young
  • Black Dahlia
  • City
  • The Diary
  • Paradise Lost
  • Circles

Desperate Measures

  • Tear It Up
  • Dove and Grenade
  • Immigrant Song (Led Zeppelin cover)
  • Shout at the Devil (Motley Crue cover)
  • Bad Town (Operation Ivy cover)

American Tragedy

  • Been To Hell
  • Apologize
  • My Town
  • I Don't Wanna Die
  • Hear Me Now
  • Glory
  • Coming Back Down
  • Bullet
  • Levitate
  • Pour Me
  • Tendencies
  • Mother Murder
  • Lump Your Head
  • S.C.A.V.A.
  • Street Dreams

Notes from the Underground

  • Dead Bite
  • Lion
  • We Are
  • Rain
  • Believe
  • Outside
  • Medicine
  • One More Bottle
  • New Day (Best Buy Exclusive)
  • I Am (iTunes Exclusive)

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