Lorene Drive
Date Formed 2002
First Album Savan In Super Pursuit
Latest Album Out Alive EP
Record Label Lobster Records
Current Members Daniel Murillo
John Martinez
Justin Smith
Kevin Roddy
Kris Comeaux
Lyle Tilo Reust
Matthew Kearns
Stephen Fisher

Lorene Drive is an American rock band from Victorville, California, that formed in 2002.


The band was a part of the 2005–2007 Vans Warped Tour, 2006 Bamboozle (East & West) Coast Tour, and the 2005 Taste of Chaos Tour.

They are also featured in Amped 3, the latest in the Amped series for Xbox 360. In 2006, Lorene Drive lost to Halifax in the music competition Dew Circuit Breakout on MTV.

After the band's lead vocalist, Daniel Murillo joined Hollywood Undead, replacing Deuce in 2010, Lorene Drive entered hiatus.

In November 2012, the band announced that they are working on a new album and that they were returning from their hiatus, but any information about this has been deleted.




Savan In Super Pursuit Mode 2005
Romantic Wealth 2005
Out Alive EP 2008

Band Members

  • Daniel Murillo - bass guitar, clean vocals
  • John Martinez - backing vocals, guitars
  • Justin Smith - guitars
  • Kevin Roddy - bass guitar
  • Kris Comeaux - drums, percussion
  • Lyle Tilo Reust - guitars
  • Matthew Kearns - bass guitar
  • Stephen Fisher - guitars


  • Deuce mentions Lorene Drive in his song Story of a Snitch, where he states "I created you from dirt and this is how you pay me back?/Joining the Lorene Drive just for tits and ass?"

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