Hollywood Undead (2005-2007)

Early masks

Deuce, Funny Man, Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog, Charlie Scene and Da Kurlzz

Charlie Scene

Initially, Charlie had no money for a mask so he simply wore a Del Taco bag as a mask with holes for eyes and sunglasses. He didn't like it so much because it wasn't comfortable, so he changed it later in time.

Da Kurlzz

Da Kurlzz's mask in 2006 was basic white with black lips. Before that, he wore a white mask that only covered around his eyes.


Deuce's mask in 2006 was grey, with blue tear-like lines coming out of the eyes, and pink duct tape on the mouth. He said that it was just two of his favorite colors.

Funny Man

Funny Man's 2006 mask was a black mesh mask on which he usually wore sunglasses.


J-Dog's mask back in 2006 was a basic white goalie mask with blood flowing out of its eyes onto a 1 dollar bill which covered its mouth. There were also small butterflies around the mask.

Johnny 3 Tears

Johnny's first mask in 2006 was a white goalie mask with huge, symmetrical black splatters dropping from its eyes. The splatters were flowing towards to the sides of the mask. The mouth was covered with the regular silver duct tape.

Later, he changed it to a golden mask. He kept the black splatter but it wasn't symmetrical anymore and flowed straight towards the mouth. The mouth was covered by two black warning tapes that said "Time Again" in red.

Shady Jeff

Shady Jeff wore a black and red bandana with sunglasses.