Swan Songs and Desperate Measures (2007-2010)

SS masks 3

J-Dog, Funny Man, Deuce, Johnny 3 Tears, Da Kurlzz, and Charlie Scene

Charlie Scene

During Swan Songs Charlie wore a black bandana and sunglasses. The bandana had a white city style drawing with the letters "LA" stylized on it in the shape of an AK-47. The top of his bandana read "Charles P. Scene".

During Desperate Measures Charlie's bandana had "Charlie Scene" written on it instead.

Da Kurlzz

Da Kurlzz's mask was white mask with a grey line splitting it in half, one side giving a smiley face, and the other giving an angry expression.


While technically not an official member just yet, Danny was touring with the band since mid 2008. On tours he wore a gold mask with black paint splatter on it.


Deuce had a silver mask with the blue tear-like lines returning. He also retained the pink duct tape but the mask now had a more stylized lip.

Funny Man

Funny Man wore a black mask with three dots on his right side, and his initials "FM" on the other, written in yellow. The mask had an passive facial expression and the overall look of a gorilla's face.


During Swan Songs, J-Dog had a white mask retaining its previous features. His eyes and the dollar bill now had different patches of blood rather than the blood from the eyes flowing onto the dollar bill. His mask bore a Louis Vuitton inspired design with his initials mixed in with the different shapes.

During Desperate Measures the mask was basic white without the Louis Vuitton design probably due to licensing issues. The blood wasn't transparent anymore and didn't flow onto the dollar bill. He also had "J-Dog" written on the right side of his mask and "Undead" written on the left.

Johnny 3 Tears

Johnny took a new approach to his mask and made it a sky blue shade with a white "3" on the left side of his face. There was a big black butterfly on his right eye, and four orange butterflies near it. He also had especially big holes cut for his eyes.