Nine Lives, often styled 9Lives and IX Lives, was a group of musicians and a musical movement. Deuce described Nine Lives as a "gang" of musicians and friends who get together to create, share and enjoy the music. Nine Lives was primarily based in Los Angeles. The group is also used as Deuce's solo career lineup. It disbanded in 2017.


While there are many artists involved in the Nine Lives movement, below are the ones associated with Deuce's part of the group.

Arina Chloe (2010-2017) backing vocals, clean vocals, keyboards
b.LaY (2008-2013) hype man, vocals
Deuce (2008-2017) bass guitar, clean vocals, vocals, unclean vocals
Gadjet (2014-2017) clean vocals, composer, hype man, vocals
James Kloeppel (2012-2017) bass guitar, rhythm guitar
Jimmy Yuma (2008-2017) lead guitar, backing vocals
The Truth (2012-2014) clean vocals, hype man, vocals
Tye Gaddis (2010-2012); (2013-2017) drums, percussion
XXX (2008-2009) drums, percussion




Nine Lives 2012
Invincible 2017


  • Nine Lives is also a clothing brand tied with American Apparel.

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