The Call Me Big Deuce EP
Call Me Big Deuce EP
Released: 2011
Recorded: 2005-2011
Producers: Deuce
Previous: The Two Thousand Eight EP
Next: Nine Lives

The Call Me Big Deuce EP was released in September 2011 as the first collective release of material by Deuce as an independent solo-artist. The mixtape consists of 14 previously released songs compiled into one download at the artist's newly launched website, as most of the songs were released at random times and file-sharing websites between 2005 and 2011.


No. Title Length
1. When We Ride 4:22
2. Break Them Wallz 3:23
3. Story of a Snitch 3:08
4. Circles 2:55
5. Here in L.A. 4:37
6. Ambitionz Az a Ridah 4:08
7. Don't Approach Me 4:08
8. Set It Off 3:51
9. Sometimes 3:23
10. You Don't Know 4:22
11. Franny 3:35
12. Blood on My Hands 4:00
13. Breaking Through 4:06
14. Who We Are 4:32

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