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Daniel "Danny" Olah is a Serbian Hollywood Undead fan, who is widely known by many other Undead Soldiers for uploading high quality lyric videos on YouTube. His YouTube channel is TheExtremeUndead.


  • List of his other channels : Danny from TheExtremeUndead, Lyrics Videos, Armpit, UndeadDenny, KylaLaGrangeLyrics, BadCopyCentrala (only for Serbian hip-hop songs).
  • His second channel (Danny from TheExtremeUndead) mainly used for songs by Avenged Sevenfold, Limp Bizkit, and other bands that inspired Hollywood Undead.
  • He likes to joke about Felix "PewDiePie" Kjellberg, currently the most subscribed person on YouTube. He has stated in a comment that he subscribes and unsubscribes to him on many occasions.
  • His girlfriend, Maja Kukic added effects to the cartoon masks in Swan Songs and American Tragedy. Maja is 3 years younger than TEU himself.
  • He has said that his favorite songs by Hollywood Undead are We Are, I Don't Wanna Die, Undead, Paradise Lost and Dead in Ditches.
  • His second favorite band is Linkin Park.
  • His favourite members are Johnny 3 Tears and Danny.

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