The Kids

The Kids was a band from Los Angeles, California that formed in 2005.


The Kids were formed in 2005 by Aron Erlichman, Jorel Decker and Jeffrey Phillips. Jorel and Aron were both in a band together prior, called 3 Tears.

They posted their music through MySpace, and it was greatly promoted by Jeffree Star.

They eventually recruited George Ragan, Dylan Alvarez, Jordon Terrell and Matthew Busek into the band. The Kids eventually turned into what is now Hollywood Undead.


There is only one song released to the public from the band, which is Hollywood.


Official Members

Aron Erlichman bass guitar, clean vocals, producer
Jorel Decker keyboards, rhythm guitar, synthesizer, vocals
Jeffrey Phillips background vocals, mixing, unclean vocals

Temporary Members

Jeffree Star composer, vocals


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