The Phantasm
The Phantasm
General Information
Real Name Justin Laphayete Roman
Stage Name The Phantasm
The Phantom
The Scientist
Joined 2005
Left 2005
Position mixing
Bands HU Crew (2005)

The Phantasm was a member of the "HU Crew". He was a mixer and left before Hollywood Undead was formed.


Justin Roman is a freestyle rapper and a live DJ. He started getting into music when he got his first cassette deck at the age of 5 from his parents as a gift.

In 2002 he released his first album called Teleportation and would sell it on street for few bucks. After people around the neighborhood heard about him doing music, he started working with local rappers and singers.

After he got better at producing music he continued working with artists, recording his own stuff, doing shows, promoting himself on MySpace and also getting number one artist in LA for song plays and views at times.

Most known artists he worked with are Hollywood Undead and Nine Lives. He's in good terms with both of them, as he still often hangs out with Hollywood Undead members.


His mask, similar to Charlie Scene and Shady Jeff, was a bandana.

He wore a generic bandana that was red on one side, and blue on the other. He wore 3D glasses that had the opposite colors on one side as his bandana.

Later, he wore regular sunglasses over the bandana.

He had a light purple bandana as well.


  • His MySpace account is
  • One of his pictures on his MySpace account says: "Aron's had that jacket since he was 12", which may mean he's known Deuce or the band for a long time.
  • On July 6, 2015; Vik Winchester released a post on his blog saying, "You're dumb as f*** if you believe that Phantom (or Phantasm, real name Justin) was so-called eighth member of HU."
  • He has his own website
  • He appeared in a music video for Levitate.