The Truth
General Information
Real Name Vardan Aslanyan
Stage Name The Truth
Joined 2012
Left 2014
Position clean vocals, vocals
hype man
Bands Nine Lives (2012-2014)

The Truth is a former vocalist and member of Deuce's solo lineup and Nine Lives. He was the replacement for b.LaY and was in Nine Lives for a long time, before his departure in 2014. He did not wear a mask during his time with Nine Lives.


The Truth joined Nine Lives as a replacement for b.LaY, who left the group to work on his mixtape. 

He was arrested for driving under influence. After he was released from jail, he retired from making music. He was replaced by Gadjet as the secondary vocalist and hype man in Nine Lives.


In 2012 The Truth was seen by an off-duty police officer going 100+ miles an hour on multiple freeways. The police chased him down for 45 minutes, in which he hit two cars and flipped one of them over, containing a man and his 3-year-old child. Both survived but were harmed. Under suspicion of DUI, they took him into custody.

Featured in

The Two Thousand Eight EP

The Call Me Big Deuce EP

Nine Lives


  • The song You Don't Know from The Call Me Big Deuce EP, despite being on an extended play by Deuce, is actually a song by The Truth, with Deuce as a guest vocalist.
  • The Truth has been collaborating with Deuce since before Nine Lives was formed and before Deuce's departure from Hollywood Undead. 

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