Hello, fello HU soldiers. I am TheScottBird, and I would like to discuss an important topic among you all today.

You see, this wiki is very low on active users. Sure, one of you may stop on here and make a quick change or so, and some of you even help this wiki out more than others by making better and more useful edits.

I'm not saying any of you guys are bad users at all, but I have asked the Wikia community (well, Community Central) if I can have adminstrative rights on this wiki. My reason being is because I am really the only activley-active user. And by that I mean that I am the only user who stops here at least once a day to do some touching up and page-creating.

This wiki could really use some major modifications, (as its creator/main administrator has been inactive for several months now) and I think I, along with every other active user, can help it shine. Now, in order for me help do that, I need certain rights to editing pages, deleting pages, renaming pages, rollbacking edits, etc. etc. 

And, with your vote, I can become the new, lead admin of the Hollywood Undead Wiki! I was asked by one of the main Wikia admins (Merrystar) to make this petition blog asking all of you soldiers. So please vote... And I am not leaning towards all of you saying yes. If some of you think I'm not ready for the role, that's fine! I just need your votes and opinions. 

For you people who haven't gotten to look at my userpage yet, here's some info about me and my history on this wiki:

  • I didn't join that long ago, but I've added pages for every song from "Swan Song" and "Desperate Measures."
  • I've also created plenty more pages that needed adding.
  • The adding of this blog post is my 200th edit on this wiki.
  • I am also an active user on the Total Drama Wiki, just thought I'd put that out. 
  • I will answer any of your questions...regarding the band, the wiki, editing, etc. etc. Just drop me a mesage on my wall!
  • I will try to be active everyday. I have misse a couple of days, but only a small, small handful.
  • And, finally, I do admit I am in need of some help here. As I stated before, there are not a lot of other active users, and I really cannot check my own edits over and over, so I am bound to make mistakes. So if anyone else is caring enough to ask for administrative rights - that'd be great!

So there you all have it. If you are willing enough to vote/comment on this blog post, thanks! If not, well, just edit here and there if you can. This has been TheScottBird.

It's a bird, it's a plane! Nope, it's just ScottBird (talk) (blog) (rankings) 22:25, June 20, 2014 (UTC)

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