Your Life is a song from the band's fifth studio album, V.


In an article by Scene for Dummies, the song is discussed:

"[The song] closes V with elegiac keys, jagged riffing, and an 808-boom propelled by edge-of-your-seat raps and an undeniable plea, 'It’s your life. It’s do or die.' 'We were shitfaced drinking in the rain under an awning on Wilcox Avenue in Hollywood at three in the morning,' recalls J-Dog. 'That’s how the chorus came about.' 'It’s true,' smiles Johnny 3 Tears. 'I love when ideas come about organically. It’s personal, but it’s a statement for everyone. It might be cliché to say, but it needs to be repeated: You can’t waste your fucking time. It’s a self-affirmation. Every moment you waste worrying is a moment you could’ve been done something that might actually have consequence by the day you die.'"


TBD: It's your life, do or die



  • This is the second that the band have officially confirmed was written while they were under the influence of something. The first was Guzzle, Guzzle.

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